The time domain reflector meter is a good piece of equipment if u want to find a breach in a coaxial cable somewhere.
At this time I have no example of measuring coax cable (for wich this equipment is designed) but I intend to show that the time domain reflector can also be used to find a breach in a normal wire altough being less accurate and not specifically meant for this purpose.

Some colleagues have argued that this unit can only detect coaxial cable's and that it doesn't work on normal cables.
Other colleagues have countered the argument that the time domain reflector can't give accurate distance estimates but if u use a reference wire can establish the distance yourself within fairly accurate precision (still quite a bit less accurate than the coaxial measurement but still...).
First we cut two reference wires of the same awg (conductor size) and material.
reference wire
I cut off one bit roughly 1.5 meters and one bit exactly 2 times that length.

This is the testset.
time domain reflector

This is the screen off the TDR with only the connector wires with the clamps connected to it. U can see that the meter indicates this by the short red arrow on the left.
tdr screen

I take the testset to the aircraft and look at the broken wire.
disconnected wire

First I connect the short reference wire.
short wire connected

Look at the red arrow on the left.
short reference wire

Then I connect the wire that is exactly twice the length of the short wire.
medium wire

U can see that the length is twice as long as the short reference wire.
wire lengths

I am not quite convinced enough to let this theory loose on an aircraft and to start searching so I decide to cut another piece of wire. 4 times the length of the short reference wire. Here I have the short length connected again so by the theory that I am testing the indicated length that I am about to connect should be roughly where I hold my finger.
long reference wire

Wich turns out to be exactly accurate.
4 times the length

I connect the testset to the wire.
testset connected

And find that the break in the wire is roughly 3 times the long wire, 6 times the middle wire and 12 times the short wire down the wire.
Wich looks to be pretty accurate.
where is the break?
The top arrow is the aircraft wire.
The second arrow is the long reference wire, 4 times the short length.
The third arrow is the middle reference wire, 2 times the short length.
The fourth and bottom wire is the short length reference wire.

I set the display from 2.5m scale to 5m scale to make it clearer to read the screen.
scale set to smaller

I believe I've tested this time domain reflector in a reasonable way and can say that normal broken wires can also be measured withing some degree of accuracy.