Flight data recorder download unit

This is a relatively simple to use meter but it is nice to know that in our company we have two different types with two different connectors. One for the SSFDR (solid state flight data recorder, records on memory) and one for the old fashioned tape FDR (records the data on a tape).

These different units also require different size PCMCIA disks because the newer SSFDR's can store much more information than the older FDR's. I will show the use of the SSFDR (the newer type FDR) in this demo.
connected the downloader

This one uses the larger PCMCIA card.
big disk :-)

I select the FDR to on by switching the test switch in the cockpit to test. In the normal mode it would automatically turn on when it gets certain configuration inputs from the aircraft.
switch to test

The next part is easy, the screen of the download unit lights up and I can select download.
I press the download button and I can go for a cup of coffee.

After about half an hour I come back and I can fill out a shop request to have the instrument shop analyse the data on the disk.

As my father once said, the hard part of a job isn't the pushing of the button. It is the years of training that go into knowing wich button to push. ;-)