fluke multimeter

We use a multimeter to measure most of the resistance values that we come are looking for. This fluke can be selected to measure several things but right now I will only talk about the resistance measuring side of it.
Like all measuring equipment, it is callibrated in a shop so that we can be sure of the measured value to within a certain degree of accuracy.

I have mentioned that to measure very high resistances requires a megger and measuring very low resistances requires a milliohmmeter.

For all other resistances and to just check continuity (make sure that the wire is not broken) we use this standard ohmmeter.
The output voltage in this range is roughly 0.626 volts as u can see in the next picture.

We use this ohmmeter when we need to know a resistance value of a circuit for example temperature transmitters, long stretches of wiring with disconnect points where a resistance buildup is likely to occur.
If the resistance value isn't important and u just want to know if the wire is not broken it's also a easy tool for checking the continuity of a wire.