luminance meter

A light strength meter. This meter can measure light units in lux, candela/m2, footlambert (FL) or footcandle.
The different unit types are displayed on the screen like this.
meter settings

If u don't have access to the lighstrength unit to be measured but u do have another unit, here is the conversion calculation.
lumen meter

I have the meter selected to lux, the lightstrength in the toolstore at this moment is 357 lux.
luminance meter

Some typical lux values are

When I hold a piece of paper over the sensor the value drops down to 68.7 lux.
paper over the sensor

Next I hold my hand on the sensor and the value drops right down to 0.8 lux.
drop right down

If u want more information on this meter u can look at the user manual here.
The manual for the mavolux 5032C