Pins and sockets crimptool (gauge 12-26)

In aircraft wiring we use connectors and receptacles to make easy sepparation of wiring possible.
The wiring that connects to the connector or the receptacle must be terminated with a pin or socket that locks inside the connector/receptacle.

There are different methods to crimp pins and sockets onto wiring. The tool I will use in this example is the M22520/1-01 (military specification).
We have this tool from 2 manufacturers. One from ASTRO (615708) and one from the Daniels Manufacturing Corporation 'DMC' (AF8).
For this demonstration I will use the ASTRO 615708.
ASTRO 615708 tool

his tool holds different turrets that can be set to different contact gauges (thickness).
blue selected

Mostly we use the M22520/1-01 with a M22520/1-02 turret (pretty much the standard turret for most standard wires and contacts).
Let's say we'd want to crimp a 'red' sized contact with the M22520/1-02.
the settings we need

We take the ASTRO 615708 (M22520/1-01) and we take the ASTRO 615709 (M22520/1-02) turret.
1-02 turret

The rotatable wheel setting on the crimptool set's the depth of the crimp on the contacts.
1-01 crimptool

So we set the 'setting' selector to AWG 22 because that is the diameter of the conductor. (pull the dial to rotate it).
The code under the gauge (code 3 for gauge 22) is the code that we found in the Standard Wiring Practices Manual earlier.
set the setting to 22

The diameter setting on the turret is now set at 'blue' and we need to crimp a 'red' size contact.
blue selected

So I push the release latch.

I rotate the diameter selector to 'red'.
setting to red

And I press the selector back in to select the 'red' size.
select red

On the turret there should be a placard informing u of wich diameter setting to use with certain engaging end sizes and crimp barrel sizes.
See the pins and sockets section for more about engaging end size and crimp barrel size.
turret information

When the proper selections are made u strip the wire to the correct length.
strip limits

Insert the contact with the wire into the 1-01 crimptool.
1-01 crimptool

Crimp the contact.
crimp the contact

And now the contact is ready to be inserted into a connector.

If we want to use another turret, we loosen these two allen screws to remove the turret.
removing the turret