strato therm crimptool 46988
The high temperature terminal crimptool is used to crimp terminals in several size ranges.
We use the AMP 46673-1 for gauge 22 to 16, the 46988 for gauge 16 to 14 and the 59461 for gauge 12 to 10.
Here's a gauge 20 wire that we are going to crimp into a high temperature resistant STRATO-THERM terminal.

The terminal is put in the crimping head of the tool.
heat resistant terminal

The wire can now be inserted into the terminal.
insert the wire

This type of terminal is crimped using a W or a C type crimp. The W type of crimp is designed to be used on both solid wire, stranded wire or a combination of the two. The C type is designed to be especially suited for stranded wire.
wire type crimps

The terminal with the 'W' crimp (stranded wire).
strato therm terminal

The crimptool can also be set to three different tightness settings. 1 being the tightest.
The tightness can be set by moving the pegs to holes 1, 2 or 3.
tightness setting

The high temperature terminal crimptool can also be used to crimp high temperature splices.
Here is a view of some high temperature splices. The splices can be insulated with high temperature resistant sleeve or tape.
high temperature splices

The sleeve or tape should be tightened off on both sides with high temperature resistant tie lacing tape.
high temperature resistant splice