The MY28 is a large powerfull crimptool that is used to crimp BACT12G terminals.

Let's use this tool to make a dual ground connection on a gauge 1 ground cable.
We will use two BACT12G-102 flag terminals.
The dual ground by means of these flag terminals is a way of distributing the electron flow over a larger area and reduce the chance of a overheat at the terminal or the terminal connection.
dual ground with flag terminals

We take a length of gauge 1/0 cable, strip off the appropriate length, put a length of heatshrinkable sleeve over the cable (don't forget to do this now) and put the two 1/0 size flag terminals over it.
flag terminals

This tool has a adjustable size selector, I set the scale to gauge 1/0.
set the size to gauge 1

I crimp the outer one first.
crimping the outer one

With the proper size selected, the crimp should firmly grip the cable.
crimped flag terminal

The inner flag terminal can now be positioned in it's proper place and crimped.
position the second flag terminal

The second flag terminal get's crimped.
both flag terminals crimped

The heatshrink gets shoved out to the inner flag terminal and shrunk.
This dual ground cable is now ready to be installed onto the ground studs.
heatshrink installed