terminyl and ampli-bond die set

The head and die sets for TERMINYL type terminals are:
gauge 8: head 69061, die set 47820 (red)
gauge 6: head 69061, die set 47821 (blue)
gauge 4: head 69061, die set 47822 (yellow)
gauge 2: head 69061, die set 47823 (red)
gauge 1/0: head 69066, die set 47824 (blue)
gauge 2/0: head 69066, die set 47825 (yellow)
gauge 4/0: head 69066, die set 47918 (blue)
gauge 1 TERMINYL type terminal

For crimping the larger size TERMINYL or AMPLI-BOND terminals (1/0 to 4/0) we use our power pump with head 69066 that we also use for copalum crimps.

For gauge 8, 6, 4 and 2 TERMINYL and AMPLI-BOND type terminals we use the AMP hydraulic crimptool with head 69061 to crimp these smaller terminyl and ampli-bond terminals
gauge 8 terminyl type red terminal

The die set that is shown in the picture is a copalum crimp die set. We remove the die set with allen keys.
remove the nest die

And we insert a gauge 1 TERMINYL type die set. Gauge 1 terminals are color coded blue and so is the die set.
TERMINYL die set

We have several die sets that fit into the hydraulic crimp head 69066, we have the 68006 up to 68011 copalum die sets for gauge 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0 and 2/0. The other three die sets are the 47824 and the 47825 for gauge 1/0 and 2/0 TERMINYL type terminals and the 48756-1 wich is used for a gauge 1/0 AMPLI-BOND terminals.
die sets

We take a gauge 1/0 cable and cut it straight.
gauge 1 cable

Insert it into a gauge 1 (blue) TERMINYL type terminal.
gauge 1 TERMINYL type terminal

The terminal fits properly in the die set.
terminal sit in die set

And the terminal is crimped onto the cable.

The finished gauge 1 TERMINYL type terminal crimped and ready to be fitted.
gauge 1 TERMINYL type terminal