certicrimp T-head crimptool

The certi-crimp T-head crimptool is used to crimp red and blue PIDG type terminals and red and blue parallel splices.
certi-crimp T-head 59250

This tool can be seen as a combination of the AMP 47386-4 (red P.I.D.G. type terminal crimptool) and the AMP 47387-7 (blue P.I.D.G. type terminal crimptool) except that there is not enough room in this tool to be used to crimp the non-moistureproof splices.
non moistureproof splices

The head of this crimptool is divided into two parts, one part crimps the gauge 22-18 aircraft standard Pre Insulated Diamond Grip (P.I.D.G.) type terminals (wich side can also be used to crimp gauge 14-12 pre-insulated sealed type terminals). The other side of the head is used for gauge 16-14 P.I.D.G. type terminals.

Like most other hand crimptools, the tightness setting can be adjusted. This tool can be set to four different tightness settings. The pin is pulled out a bit and rotated to another setting, 1 is the most tight and 4 is the most loose crimp.
tightness setting

The terminals should not be crimped too tight or too loose. Here's a look at a ideal P.I.D.G. type crimp.

The tightness setting from left to right 1 to 4.
tightness selection

Here's a P.I.D.G. type faston terminal inserted into the T-head crimper.
faston terminal

The faston terminal is crimped.
crimped faston terminal

The crimp is inspected.