blue pidg crimptool 47387-7
The 'blue sized' terminal crimptool is used to crimp terminals in the gauge 16-14 range.
It is also used to crimp non-moistureproof endcaps and non-moistureproof splices.
We use the AMP 47387-7
Here's a gauge 16 wire that we are going to crimp into a blue terminal.

The terminal is put in the crimping head of the tool.
inserting the terminal

The wire can now be inserted into the terminal.
insert the wire

And the terminal is crimped.

Like the other PIDG terminal crimps, the wire is inserted and the crimp is made.
Make sure that the rear of the terminal firmly grips the insulation for strain relief. (imagine this terminal to be blue)
proper terminal crimp
picture by:

Now that we have made the crimp onto the terminal we can inspect it.
terminal inspection

The terminal.
blue terminal

The crimptool can be set to three different tightness settings. 1 being the tightest.
Looking at the strands of wire we can tell wether the tool should be set tighter or looser.

The tightness can be set by moving the pegs to holes 1, 2 or 3.
the pins

When crimping terminals, splices or endacps with this tool, Here are some more guidelines.

Some non-moistureproof splices.
non moistureproof splices

Some endcaps, the blue non-moistureproof endcap is crimped with the blue terminal crimptool, the red one with the red terminal crimptool and the hat shaped one with the endsplice tool.