I started avionics aircraft maintenance school in 1996. At this time the training school consisted of three years of full time theoretical training and one year of full time aircraft maintenance.
I did my apprenticeship at a local dutch charter company that went bust right when I finished my one year apprenticeship.
There wasn't a lot of work for aircraft techies by now so I had to go outside of the aviation industry and I worked several jobs.
I kept applying to aircraft maintenance companies to get back into the maintenance field and after a year and a half I found a job with a british company operating in amsterdam.
schiphol airport

This company was looking for technicians and in this company I became a ground engineer on the Fokker70 and 100.
I worked at this company for about 6 years doing line and hangar maintenance on the fokkers.

Some time later, this company also had to close down because the customer operator had moved their business to a different maintenance supplier and I was going to be out of a job again.
I went to work at a local MRO that was servicing Boeing 737's and I became a B2 and B1 on 737's.

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