The VOR/LOC antenna is a combined VHF Omnidirectional Range and localiser antenna.
VOR/LOC antenna

We need to work on the top of the tail so we get some safety harnesses and a telescopic personell carrier.
telescopic personell crane

My colleague Dennis picks up the new VOR/LOC antenna out of the box.
VOR/LOC antenna

The forward section of the VOR/LOC antenna first needs to come off to get good access to the coax connectors.
the antenna

The front panel removed from the VOR/LOC antenna, we can disconnect the coax connectors.
VOR/LOC connectors

Dennis unscrews the screws that hold the anntenna in place.
unscrewing screws

And the antenna comes off.
antenna removed

The top of the tail with the antenna removed.
top of the tail

We move away from the tail to go down to the ground to prepare the new VOR/LOC antenna.
tail without VOR/LOC

We need to transfer a static wick from the old antenna to the new one.
transferring a static wick

On both sides of the old VOR/LOC antenna, the bonding plate was bent causing a improper bonding on the structure.
bonding plate bent

We fit the new antenna paying close attention to the grounding plate.
fitting the new antenna

We tighten the antenna again.
VOR/LOC antenna

Connect the coax connectors and close up the front panel of the antenna.
coax panel

After replacing the antenna we need to do the VOR/ILS/MB system test so we get the T-30C testset.
To see what's included into this test go to the VOR/ILS/MB testset page in the avionics tools section.
TIC testset